Hinko Smrekar: The English Catalogue

Hinko Smrekar: The English Catalogue

This catalogue is by far the most comprehensive overview of the artist’s life and work available in English. The two-volume catalogue bookended the grand exhibition of Hinko Smrekar’s art at the National Gallery of Slovenia, Ljubljana, which was the largest showcase of the artist’s work since the 1950s.

Across 768 pages, the authors present the life of Hinko Smrekar, his art, its regional and international parallels, and domestic creative partners, especially Ivan Cankar, the most important Slovenian Modernist writer.

The catalogue features the main study by dr. Alenka Simončič, Lead Curator of the entire project, a historical introduction by ddr. Igor Grdina and a comprehensive catalogue of documented works by dr. Alenka Simončič and Iztok Najdič. Included are also lists of exhibitions and selected bibliography to help further research into Smrekar’s work.

Volume One presents detailed reproduction of exhibited works and considers Smrekar’s life and career. The jarring juxtaposition between his doting mother and absent father influenced his entire outlook on life. With his study in Vienna derailed, he joined the Vesna Art Club, which merged Secessionist themes and style with folk art and motifs from the Slovenian homeland. When he returned home, he took up any commission to make ends meet, from political satire to anniversary posters. During the First World War, Smrekar was interned in a prison camp, which severely hampered his mental state. He did not recover until mid-1920s, where he once again took up ambitious and political work. With the rise of totalitarianism in the 1930s, he retreated to the world of children’s illustrations. After the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia, he started to criticize the occupation authorities and work with the Resistance movement. Soon, he was arrested and shot without trial on 1 October 1942.

See sample pages of Volume One.

Volume Two presents all documented works by the artist. In all, 1840 artworks were found, mostly works on paper. Units come with translated captions, which were mostly written by Smrekar and provide witty commentary on the motif, be it Slovenian artists, Yugoslavian society or international politics.

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